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Modern Kitchens

Dynamic, minimalist and designer: Modern kitchens reflect current tastes, interpreting them in many different ways.

The strength of our kitchens is in offering solutions that are always innovative and in step with trends in style and design so that we can meet the needs of customers who grow with us everyday.


Young, colourful, expressive, Time is the solution for those looking for a personal style.

The intriguing contrast of colours between the mist lacquer finishes adds great versatility to this composition.


What happens when the timeless beauty of wood is combined with a range of contemporary colours?

The outcome is Asia, a collection that allows you to plan a host of compositions, with countless opportunities for customization to express your very own concept of the kitchen.


Kalì expresses your personality and reveals it in the kitchen.

Modern, extrovert and versatile, easily customised. Thanks to the new integrated handle and the addition of 10 new finishes, making a total of more than 39 to choose from.


Light and practical, the doors open easily thanks to an integrated grip handle at the top or bottom.

It is a sophisticated design project that combines cutting-edge technical features with fine materials to create timeless contexts.


Tekna, in greek the art of working with metals that over time became “know-how”.

A kitchen that stands out for integrate handle door.


Glass refinement meets a sophisticated and elegant design.

Designed to be the focal point of the house it reveals at first sight a strong personality.


Meg expresses a new trend in taste.

An innovative concept in contemporary style, reinterpreted starting with meticulous details. Brass or titanium details and painstaking research harmoniously merge for striking appeal, creating contexts with a bold character.


A frame door with an integrated handle grip.

Frida releases the design of the doors from being tied to a single style. Thanks to a wide range of finishes and new dedicated furnishing accessories, Frida also provides the option of choosing the style of kitchen that suits you best: modern, classic or contemporary.


Aria reinterprets the perception of space through new compositional elements.

Simple yet at the cutting-edge, it goes beyond the concept of modernity with the right balance of proportions.


Cloe is the kitchen that fits in small environments, enclosing functions and design in a limited space.

Re-invented with new finishes and new compositions, Cloe stands out for its versatility and unexpected combination of classic and modern elements.


A harmonious balance of classic and modern.

Frame is the outcome of a successful combination of essential lines and traditional style details. With frame doors, it offers a complete mix of functionality and aesthetic appeal.


Harmonious contrasts of colours and materials.

Itaca has warm convivial appeal thanks to its different shades, based on the colours of the earth.


The Pentha collection offers a variety of furnishing solutions suitable for a multitude of contexts, thus meeting the needs of all living styles.

The Pentha collection includes a variety of furnishing solutions that give rise to maximum versatility.


For those who prefer beveled angles and praticality

. A young collection for expressive and personal spaces, always functional and elegant. It gives a nod to who wants to take life with lightness.


Wega, with a contemporary and convivial spirit.

This model encourages a strong connection between the functional areas and the dining area.

Classic Kitchens

Fine details, workmanship and timeless embellishments for an elegant classic style that adapts to everyday life. Wood frames and finishes provide an attractive, warm and reassuring look that perfectly combine with kitchens given a new classic twist.


Back to the past with a traditional yet light kitchen.

Meticulous details for the Asolo kitchen. Asolo is an elegant kitchen with a classic yet light style, also achieved with moldings and narrow decorative elements, showing how all our design projects pay attention to detail.


Gioiosa is the traditional kitchen made of ash wood or lacquered wood that combines practicality with style.

Gioiosa recalls the tastes of the past where ash wood comes with a honey, dark brown or chestnut finishing, whereas lacquered wood in white, ivory, red, pale blue and yellow reveals a more modern look.


Opera is the traditional kitchen par excellence, dedicated to those who love classical lines, living spaces and details that do not go unnoticed.

Opera meets the desire for a classic kitchen without sacrificing sobriety and brightness, with alternating decorative motifs and perfectly matching rational lines.


Find classic and traditional shapes in a space with elegant and refined lines.

Emma is available in three finishes: white and magnolia pickled lacquered ash and solid chestnut wood.


This collection is inspired by the city of love and designed to exalt the family bond in the warm hub of the home.

It will amaze you with the magical harmony of its colour contrasts.


Virginia is a collection in classic design, embellished with refined finishes.

This well-balanced, bright and luminous colour scheme contributes to making the kitchen a cosy, hospitable place.

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